The Virgin and The Analyst

August 23 – September 22

Virgo is the sixth sign of the Zodiac. Virgo is the sign of perfectionism, and the Virgo personality has a strong desire to bring order and beauty to the world. They are intelligent, analytical, practical and down-to-earth individuals. They need to be needed and make loyal, reliable and affectionate partners. They make wonderful parents with their careful attention to detail and their kind, caring nature. They will inspire their children to reach for the stars and will support them in doing so.

Virgoans are conscientious and dedicated workers and once they set their minds on something, they will go all out to achieve perfection. They understand people at a deep level and can easily pick up what is going on at an emotional level. It is not easy to put up a façade when you are around a Virgo! They are sensitive and wise and offer sensible and practical advice.

Careers best suited for the Virgo personality are teachers, the health profession, writers, psychologists, secretaries or technician. They thrive in any occupation where they can use there analytical, practical and meticulous skills. Governed by Mercury the Virgo individual is a superb communicator, intelligent and full of ideas and insights.

Symbol: The Virgin

Element: Earth

Colors: Silver, Indigo, Brown

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Virgo Stones and Crystals: Amethyst, Carnelian, Sapphire, Pyrite

Compatibility: Gemini, Pisces, Taurus

The Angels of Virgo: Iadara and Schaltiel. The Angels of Virgo are interested in the perfection of everything; people, places, actions, thoughts and things. Virgo Angels are extremely detailed orientated. They are attracted to research, investigation, distinction, sophistication, artistic creativity, purity and grace.

Call upon the Virgo Angels to assist with pets, beauty, childbirth and conception. If you are born under the sign of Virgo these Angels will be your guardians and you can call on them to assist you. You will naturally be an accomplished and kindly soul.   The Virgo Angels will offer their assistance to anyone who asks them for help as well. These impeccable Angels will help smooth out any difficulties and teach you the valuable lesson of acceptance, tolerance and understanding.

When you are faced with a challenging relationship or situation, call on the Virgo Angels for guidance and support. They will wrap you in their wings and help you to be more forgiving, kind and open. This is where true healing can take place.

The Angels of Virgo invite you to call on them and they will help you transform difficult circumstances into one of healing, love and light.

INVOCATION AND MEDITATION Imagine that you are walking through a forest. It is early morning and the air is crisp and cool. The birds are chirping in the trees and the wondrous scent of pine fills the air. You feel so serene and tranquil walking through the tall pine trees. You feel at one with nature and all the creatures of the forest.  It is just marvelous to be here and enjoy and breathe in the fresh air and the silence. Everything is calm and perfect!

You are making your way to a special wooden bench at the foot of an old tree. This is where you go to connect with the Angels of Virgo. As you walk through the wooded area, you notice a beautiful butterfly leading you toward the clearing in the forest. This is a marvelous and sacred place. All her enter here are forever changed. There is magic in the air and wonder all around. You feel such happiness as you enter the clearing. You make your way to the little wooden bench. You sit beneath the ancient tree and take a few deep breathes. You can feel the presence of Angels all around you. The Angels of Virgo wrap you in their wings and you feel so comforted and loved.

Their message to you is to let go and to allow yourself to trust in the perfection of the Universe. Know that all is well and that your life is divinely guided by the Angels. In this space of letting go and allowing God’s plan for your life to unfold, miracles occur. The Angels of Virgo advise you to let the magic and the miracles arise in their own divine timing. This is true delight and the secret of living an enchanted life. The Angels assure you that they are never far away, all you need to do is call them and they will be at your side in an instant.

You feel so calm and at one with the beauty around you. An open heart and the willingness to allow life to unfold at it’s own pace are two valuable lessons the Virgo Angels teach. Know that all is perfect, whole and complete.  Thank the Angels of Virgo!

As you prepare to leave this tranquil clearing in the forest, you notice a hummingbird in the distance and your heart fills with joy. The message from the hummingbird is to embrace each moment with cheerfulness and bliss. Have gratitude in your heart for all the joyous experiences and pleasures in your life. This is just the beginning……… With the knowledge and wisdom you have gained through your years of seeking, you  live life from an awareness and consciousness that was not present in your life before. You thank the Angels of Virgo for guiding and supporting you along your path. You know all is well – you are lovingly guided by the Angels.

Some Famous Virgo’s: Pavlov, Mother Theresa, Agatha Christie, Maria Montessori, Sean Connery, Sophia Loren, Warren Buffet

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