The Gratitude Game

“When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears” – Anthony Robbins


When you experience the emotions of fear, disappointment, sadness, anger or envy, you lower your energy level. Holding onto such emotions can result as extreme stress, insomnia, anxiety and a feeling of life not working out the way you planned.

Anthony Robbins says that abundance appears when you are grateful. This happens because if you take the time to cultivate an attitude of gratitude you can begin to be grateful for all that happens to you.  Everything in life is made up of bundles of energy and you can exercise choice regarding your actions and attitude. You can cultivate an attitude that is filled with gratitude or you can practice an attitude of constantly complaining and staying stuck in feeling abused. Don’t wait until you have your life all planned out or all your ducks in a row before you allow yourself to be happy.  Allow yourself to enjoy vibrant health and fortune by being grateful each and everyday.

You can open to the flow of energy by learning to increase your awareness of blessings in your life by balancing your charkas. Chakras (a Sanskit word meaning spinning wheel or circle) are energy points in the body that correspond with the endocrine glands. The health of your energy centers, or chakras, may influence your physical health. You need to be aligned to experience and maintain vibrant health, well-being and to live a deeply fulfilling life. The belief in chakras originated in India and was first utilized in Ayuevedic medicine. If you practice yoga, meditate or do body work then you may already be familiar with chakras. Imagine your chakras as circles of energy that support the vitality of your body, mind and soul. Your lower chakras correspond to issues of the material world, while your upper chakras are centered more upon spiritual issues.

Below I will introduce you to the 7 major chakras even though there are many more, and I ask you to choose just one chakra to work with today as you play the Gratitude Game.

The 7 major charkas:

The Root Chakra: This is located at the base of the spine. It is a brilliant ruby-red color. Your root charka is related to issues of physical security and it is affected by your feelings, beliefs and thoughts about survival and your sense of security in the world.

The Sacral Chakra: This is located in the lower abdomen. In Eastern philosophy this center is known as the Hara, and it has a very significant part in the Asian martial arts as a central focus for movement and co-ordination. It is a vibrant shade of orange. The sacral charka is affected by your feelings, beliefs and thoughts about well-being, pleasure and sexuality.

The Solar Plexus Chakra: This is the 3rd  major charka and it is found right behind the navel. It is a shade of canary yellow. The main issues of the solar plexus charka have to do with self-worth, self-esteem and personal power. It is strongly connected to your attitudes about empowerment and decision making.

The Heart Chakra: This is situated in the center of the chest above the region of the physical heart. It relates to issues in your life that have to do with love and joy. The heart charka is a beautiful shade of emerald green. When your heart charka is healthy and balanced you are able to form loving connections with all living beings. The heart chakra is about giving and receiving love.

The Throat Chakra: This is the 5th major chakra and it is located inside the throat where it acts as a bridge between your heart and your mind. This chakra is blue in color and is the center of communication and self-expression. When your throat chakra is balanced you will feel lively and expressive.  If your throat chakra becomes blocked it is usually connected to thoughts and feelings centering on expressing yourself freely.

The Brow Chakra: This is located in the forehead between the eyebrows. It is often called the third eye. This chakra is a lovely rich indigo color. It presides over your capacity to think and discern, to use your imagination and develop your intuition. The brow chakra also helps you gather wisdom from all life experiences.

The Crown Chakra: The 7th major chakra is found at the very crown of the head. This chakra is a magnificent violet color and it links you with beauty, and your spiritual nature.


The Gratitude Game: Rainbow Gifts

Have some fun while you practice gratitude and balance your chakras. I invite you to play a game; this game is inspired by my Grandmother, Kathleen Thompson, who loved surprising people with gifts. Make a list of 7 people you appreciate and would like to say thank you to. You may want to consider the people who you may overlook but who add value and ease to your life, such as the postman, the garbage collector or your garden service.

Now decide on 7 inexpensive gifts, one of each color related to the chakras, and make a plan on how to present a small token of love and appreciation to 7 people.


A Red gift – I have a photo of a red cardinal that I am going to email to my great aunt who loves birds

Orange gift – I can squeeze a glass of fresh orange juice for my husband

Yellow gift – I can deliver a bunch of bananas, some pears, mangoes and golden delicious apples in a basket to the local nursing home

Green gift – I can leave a larger than normal tip at my local coffee shop today

Blue gift – I can take a blueberry pie to the local fire station or police station

Indigo gift – I can pick a bunch of wild flowers and take them to a friend in hospital

Violet gift – deliver a box of chocolate chip cookies with a big violet bow to the local animal shelter to thank them for their dedication and care.

Have fun playing the Gratitude Game. Don’t rush; it may take you a day or a month or even a year to play this game.  Be creative and experience the joy of giving to others and thanking them.

 Count your blessings. A grateful heart attracts more love, joy, beauty and abundance.


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