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4 Ways Reiki Mastery Can Positively Influence Your Life

There are numerous spiritual practices out there. Working with light requires commitment and training, but the benefits of mastering the art of healing can enrich the realities of everyone involved in these kinds of processes. From mindfulness to yoga, angel … Continue reading

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  I spotted a free Kindle book available today on Amazon: THE ULTIMATE GUIDE: IMPROVE HEALTH, INCREASE ENERGY AND FEEL AMAZING WITH REIKI HEALING written by Justin Kase. I would recommend this book to anyone who is curious  about Reiki and who is … Continue reading

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The Art of Forgiveness: Letting Go and Moving Forward

When someone you care about hurts you, you can hold on to anger, resentment and thoughts of revenge — or embrace forgiveness and move forward. Forgiveness does not change the past, but it does enlarge the future.  - Paul Boese … Continue reading

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The Gratitude Game

“When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears” - Anthony Robbins   When you experience the emotions of fear, disappointment, sadness, anger or envy, you lower your energy level. Holding onto such emotions can result as extreme stress, insomnia, anxiety … Continue reading

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Free Kindle Book:The Human Aura Astral Colors and Thought Forms

  I spotted a  free Kindle Book available today on Amazon: The Human Aura Astral Colors and Thought Forms by William Walker Atkinson. It’s a great little read if you are interested in learning more about the aura and energy fields. I would … Continue reading

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Reiki for Weight Loss – How a Reiki session can help you loose weight

  Reiki (pronounced Ray Key) is a precise and powerful form of energy healing, where the hands are placed lightly above or just touching the body similar to “laying on of hands”. During the Reiki session the practitioner is balancing and … Continue reading

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Crystal Healing

HOLISTICALLY IMPROVING HEALTH ON ALL LEVELS, PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, EMOTIONALLY AND SPIRITUALLY "Listen to Natures Symphony. It can transport you to places you've never been." – George Helou Crystals and Gemstones are wonderful healing aids used alone or together with Reiki … Continue reading

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Your Pets and Your Guardian Angel

I often get requests for Reiki sessions for pets. Since I am an avid animal lover I always enjoy giving Reiki to animals. I love the way they respond to the energy. In just a short session your beloved pet … Continue reading

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