Business Principles in Atlantis – Bringing Them Into Your Work

The civilisation of Atlantis lasted for 240,000 years, during which there was a period of 1500 years, called the Golden Age, when the energy was the highest it has ever been on the planet. During this time everyone was happy, successful and prosperous. So how did they maintain this halcyon state? What can you learn now from their ancient wisdom? How can you bring back the power to succeed with integrity? You already understand and possibly practise the efficacy of some of the principles but others are equally important for one hundred percent success.

How to succeed as they did in Atlantis:

1. Do what makes your heart sing From childhood, the Alanteans were encouraged to develop their inherent skills and talents. Everyone is happy doing what they have a natural aptitude for and in those, each individual did what he most loved to do. To do anything else would have been unthinkable! And business thrives when your heart is it. Happiness, contentment and sense of worth are magnetic qualities, so enthusiasm, sense of satisfaction and enjoyment automatically attract customers to trade with you or like-minded people to work with you. Most of us know that the greatest gift we can give to our children is to be happy, for then they realize they do not have to try harder, be different, pussyfoot round us or do anything to support us. When they have permission to be themselves and are appreciated exactly as they are, they are happy too. But how does this apply in business? The principle is the same. If for example you are a shop or business owner, your feelings attract staff, premises, products and most important of all, customers, who are metaphorically speaking your children. If you, the owner are doing what makes your heart sing, your aura is an irresistible force that draws people in to assist and support the venture, and they will arrive in their hundreds for your goods or services. Your products and services all radiate energy. Customers and clients will be subtly repelled by negative feelings, which may surround goods as a result of the way they were made, transported or handled. Happy frequencies however dissolve lower ones, so you can transmute that negativity into a magnetic glow. Your customers will sense this, so books and other treasures will fly from your shelves and your customers will come back for more. Constantly bless your products and your customers. This subtly confers a beautiful divine energy to everything and makes people feel good. Money automatically comes in when your thoughts and beliefs are aligned to your vision.

2. Act with total honesty, openness and integrity In the Golden Age of Atlantis everyone could read auras, so there was no point in being anything other than one hundred percent honest. Because everything was open and above board, there were no subliminal messages or secret deals and everyone felt totally safe for there was nothing hidden to harm them. They trusted others and relaxed completely. It is interesting to observe what happens when modern day business people decide that, no matter what, they are going to be totally upfront, and will act with complete integrity. The customers trust, relax their defences and respond by bringing out their credit cards. Although I don't have a shop, I sell my books, cards and CD's at my seminars. I also work with my teachers who run my teaching courses and angel correspondence course. From the beginning I chose to act with integrity but not always with openness. Then I decided that too must be done and I would share with anyone who asked, information about profits and costs. I gave my teachers up to date financial details about all the courses and invited them to ask any questions. The feeling of trust was tangible and resulted in an astonishing surge in helpfulness, co-operation and higher sales.

3. Develop your intuition In the West we are left brain dominant, so we are taught and encouraged to rely on our rational, planning, numerical mind. In contrast the abundant Atlanteans knew that well honed intuition is more effective than all the rational thinking and calculating in the world. When you work with the left brain, you have the use of your mind computer to crunch numbers, and this is very effective as a back up. However the right brain connects you to creative ideas, the ability to see the overall picture and guidance from the higher spiritual realms. From here come impulses of pure genius, extraordinary new ideas and concepts, as well as brilliant solutions you would never ordinarily have thought of. In order to connect with the powers of your right brain, give yourself time to relax and fall into a reflective state. Into this calm, receptive state of mind the angels can drop higher guidance and creative innovations. There are, of course, other advantages to giving yourself time to contemplate. Your health improves; you feel more at peace; relationships get better and your intuition is sharply attuned.

4. See the best in everyone In the Golden Times the people consciously and actively looked for the best in everyone and, not surprisingly others responded positively to this. When someone seeks the divine in you, you automatically like them, your heart opens and you cannot do enough for them. In this plane of duality, we have temporarily lost our knowing of Oneness and we create separation by running a video in our heads, judging ourselves and others. Just as we are aware of atmospheres even though we cannot see, feel or touch them, we all sense if someone is criticizing us. When this happens we automatically and unconsciously put up our barriers. When we feel accepted as we are, we feel liberated. When you genuinely accept yourself and your clients with all their foibles, without judgment, they will flock towards you and lovingly pay for your goods or services.

5. Use your mental powers to manifest your dreams In Atlantis quite young children were taught to develop their mental powers. They learned to relax deeply and make vivid pictures in their minds, which is, of course, the basis of manifestation. Many of the current relaxation tapes on offer follow Atlantean principles. Traders would visualise the success they wanted, without stress or attachment, for the highest good. They trusted that the Universe would respond to these instructions and acted on the assumption that whatever they had focussed on would soon appear. So, they prepared for it and consequently their businesses always succeeded. The Universal Computer has a magical way of providing the best for everyone.We live in an abundant Universe, where there is enough success, happiness, peace and love for everyone. Only guilt, fear and doubt sabotage success. We have heard a million times that each individual creates his own reality and it is true. If five similar businesses set up in the same area and they all had positive and abundant minded owners, they would all succeed. There is no such thing as too much competition only fear of the results of competition. The Universal Computer will give you whatever you believe. Think, talk and act as if you have plenty. Then all your needs will be supplied and the Universe will back you up. Remember poverty consciousness repels success. Abundance consciousness attracts it.  When you still your mind, deeply relax your body and envision what you want to manifest, you are setting into motion Cosmic Forces. You must be clear about what you want. When you lack clarity your muddled thoughts give contradictory instructions to the Universe and this prevents your dreams from coming to fruition. When you hold a vision without doubt or deviation it must come true. Most business ideas founder because we let doubt creep in and give the Powers that Be mixed messages. The Atlanteans understood the power of symbols, so step 4 of the following exercise will enable you to set all your forces going in the same direction and that helps to energise your goal.

Exercise to manifest your success:

Step 1. Get really clear about what you want. Do you want to work full or part-time, for a large or small company, do you want to own your own business? Decide what you want, or at least what your next step is. You may need to brain storm this with friends or write down different possibilities until you get it right. You will know if it is perfect for you because it feels good inside. Trust the message your body give you.

Step 2. Light a candle. Sit quietly and breathe in and out of every part of your body. Imagine a soft golden light filling each and every cell.

Step 3. Picture your outcome and emotionally feel the satisfaction, excitement, happiness and success that comes from this vision. Step 4 Imagine you are driving a two horse chariot, one animal is white and the other black. The white horse is galloping towards the hoped for success. The black one is racing towards your doubts. As a result you are being pulled all over the place and using up your energy controlling the situation. Picture yourself stopping the chariot. Get down and talk to the horses. Thank them for the wonderful work they have been doing. Tell them exactly where you want them to head and ask them to work in harness together to help you reach your destination quickly and easily. Then climb into the chariot and, with your horses pulling together, see yourself moving swiftly towards your goal. Every few days or so, you can check in to see how the two horses are doing.

6. Give and receive in equal measure The Atlanteans never accrued karma for they never gave without receiving and never received without giving. All stayed in perfect balance. How does this translate to modern business? So many New Age business people are warm hearted, magnanimous people, who are constantly giving. If you are always pouring out your energy, time and gifts and do not feel you are receiving a just return, you have become a victim or martyr, open to abuse. Because you do not recognise your worth, neither do others. You are not valued and your business withers. The answer is to maintain a balance, for when you remain generous and open hearted, while respecting what you are offering, your due reward must come to you.

7. Work with the Angel of your business The Atlanteans were open to their angels and drew freely on their help. Your business has an angel who looks after it, just as you have a Guardian Angel who watches over you. The angel of your business is longing to help you but cannot do so unless you ask. Here are a few things that your angel can assist you with. They will help find things that are lost or mislaid. They will enable you to find the right colleagues, staff and harmonize relationships. They will draw customers in. They will help you choose the right clients or projects to put your energy into. They will bring you success.

How to meet the angel of your business :

1.Find a place where you can be quiet and undisturbed.

2.Play soft, restful music and light a candle.

3.Mentally tell the angel of your business that you would like to connect.

4.In your mind's eye walk round your business and sense where your angel is.

5.Sense the colour and height of your Guardian.

6.Thank it for looking after your business.

7.If you wish to do so, ask its name and accept the first one that drops into your head.

8.Explain your situation and ask for the help you need.

9.Stay open to impressions and promptings.

10.Imagine a cloak of protective light being placed over you.

11.Open your eyes. Whenever you enter your business place, acknowledge your angel and start a dialogue with it – though it may seem to start as a monologue. When your lines of communication become clearer you will receive more and more impressions and tangible help. Enjoy your success.

Diana Cooper is well known for her spiritual books and workshops about Angels, Ascension, Atlantis, Orbs and Spiritual Laws. Her books include; Discover Atlantis, Angel Answers, Angel Cards, Wisdom Cards, A little light on Ascension, A little light on Spiritual Laws and many others. She works with her guide Kumeka and has inspired thousands of people to connect with their own angels and guides for healing and transformation. She is the Principal of the Diana Cooper School of Angels and Ascenscion.

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