The Law of Attraction: the Power of Positive Energy

"If you are going to be successful in creating the life of your dreams, you have to believe that you are capable of making it happen."           ~ Jack Canfield  


  The movie The Secret ( has been causing waves across the Universe. It is an extremely powerful movie, and awakens in us to the possibility that whatever we desire is possible. The movie is based on the Law of Attraction. This is one of the most potent laws of the universe and teaches us “that which is like unto itself is drawn.” Whenever we experience disharmony in our lives, it is always a direct result of not being connected to Source Energy. We may experience this as lethargy, depression, illness – or it may manifest itself as unrewarding relationships, an unfulfilling career, lack of money and other situations which cause us to feel despondent, alone or unloved. We all have it within us to lead and live empowered lives –we are the Masters of our own destiny. Our wishes become the commands of our higher mind or our God-Self. We can manifest whatever we desire – be it better health, more money, new friends, inner-peace, a gratifying career, a joyous soul mate relationship or the home of our dreams.

“The Law of Attraction states, in a nutshell, like attracts like. In other words, we are like a walking magnet that draws to us anyone or anything that is on the same wavelength. If you’re radiating positive energy, you attract positive people and experiences. If you’re radiating negative energy, you attract negativity.”    ~ Dick Sutphen  

“There is nothing you cannot be – do – or have!”    ~ Abraham-Hicks  

"Every achiever that I have ever met says, 'My life turned around when I began to believe in me.'"   ~Dr. Robert H. Schulle

 If You Keep Doing What You're Doing, You'll Keep Getting What You're Getting! Where Your Attention Goes Energy Flows. Remember that living abundantly starts with a thought.


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