Personal Power and Prosperity

“Very few of us know how much we can put into life if we use it properly, wisely, and economically. Let us economize our time – lifetimes ebb away before we wake up, and that is why we do not realize the value of the immortal time God has given us.”                   ~ Paramahansa Yogananda

What is your intention?

This is one of the most essential and powerful questions we can ask ourselves! The intention that we set, either consciously or subconsciously affects the events that manifest in our lives. It is always a good ideas upon waking in the morning, to spend 15 – 20 minutes meditating and setting a positive intention for the day ahead.

If we start the day off on an optimistic and cheerful note, often the rest of our day flows smoothly and joyfully. Whereas, when we start the day off feeling rushed, tired and irritable, we find that our day often continues with more frustrating events coming our way. To live in your personal power requires a shift in consciousness from being the victim of life’s circumstances to being fully aware of your attitude, energy and intention. Once you are aware, you have the power to change a bad thought or feeling to one that is more light-hearted and pleasing.

“You are attracting the essence of your thoughts”

“You get what you think about, wanted or not.”

“Decide what pleases you and then focus on that.”

~ Abraham-Hicks

To create lasting prosperity and abundance in our lives, we need to be in our personal power. The strength, focus and force of our personal power directly affect our ability to manifest. If our power center is strong, we manifest easily and effortlessly, if it is weak then we struggle to manifest what we want.

There are many benefits of improved Personal Power:
– Ability to manifest what you desire
– Understanding how to effect change in your environment
– Self-Realization
– Efficient use of energy and time
– Ability to move through negative emotions smoothly
– Knowing how to find that place of deep inner peace within regardless of outer circumstances

How to attract prosperity into your life (and many other wonderful things)

I have been working with the material of Abraham-Hicks for over 6 years. Abraham is channeled by Ester Hicks and the wisdom Abraham shares is life-changing. They have just released a new book, “The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide”, which encourages you to throw your oars in the water and go with the flow!
Hayhouse, the publisher has the following to say:

In The Astonishing Power of Emotions, Abraham lovingly combines all of the Universal laws and shows how to gain conscious awareness of your emotions, so you can use your feelings to deliberately bring into your life only the things you want! Included in The Astonishing Power of Emotions are Abraham’s practical answers to specific questions-from readers like you-to illustrate how to use the Laws of the Universe to solve all of your challenges and help you “go with the flow” of your natural well-being. In The Astonishing Power of Emotions, Abraham deals with nearly every conceivable challenge you could find yourself facing:

– Health Problems
– Family Disputes
– Ailing Parents
– Estranged Siblings
– Disorganization and Clutter
– Lying and Deception
– Unhappiness at Work
– Pet Illnesses
– Financial Troubles
-And more…

Whenever we look at the challenges in our life as something to overcome or something that requires action, Abraham says that we pick up our oars and start paddling against the current.

To create prosperity in life, joy must be present in your life. Once we learn to let go of the burdens we carry and allow our lives to flow, prosperity, joy and abundance manifest in our lives easily and effortlessly. This is our true nature. The many wonderful, enlightening and inspiring books that Abraham-Hicks offer, including their latest book can be purchased at
Learning to take personal responsibility for how your life is unfolding is ultimately very empowering. Learning to master your emotions is a vital part of living a prosperous and successful life on all levels. Energy and emotions go hand-in-hand. Monitor your emotions from moment to moment and notice how a positive emotion effects your energy level compared to a sad, depressed or angry emotion. You always have the power to change a bad feeling into a better, more uplifting feeling. Just focusing on a beautiful scene in nature, listening to soothing music, showing gratitude for the good things in your life, or counting your blessings can help shift your vibration. Ultimately it’s up to you to choose moment to moment what your inner attitude is. It is very empowering learning to take responsibility for all the marvelous things you have created in your life, as well as all the junk you have created. Knowing that you have the power within yourself to change your outer circumstances by changing your inner attitude is a wonderful part of being human. It is a wondrous, blissful and very fulfilling experience!
I highly recommend the work of Abraham, visit to browse their phenomenal work.

“Allowing yourself to become what life has caused you to desire is not about action. It is about the aligning of thought energies.”      – Abraham-Hicks

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